Practicing Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating a Brighter Future Together

At Refresh, our sense of corporate social responsibility influences everything we do, from the way we invest in our local community to the way we care for the environment. That’s why we’ve partnered with other eco-conscious organizations to create the Refresh Green Project, which honors each sale we make by planting a tree for all to enjoy.

Clearing the Air Through The Refresh Green Project

The Refresh Green Project (RGP) is a collection of initiatives that align with our company values of strengthening our communities and protecting our environment. Our team’s commitment to promoting healthy living could not be achieved without a thriving sustainable region, which is why we’ve supported initiatives to reduce waste, establish a bikeable city, lift up our homeless community, and clear the air since 1999.

First established in 2019, our newest tree planting initiative is meaningful to us and our customers. Every time we welcome a new client to our family, we plant a tree in their name and provide them with the opportunity to do the same in turn. The Refresh global forest is filled with trees from local and international partners that are also devoted to corporate citizenship and taking action to protect the environment.

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Meet Our Partners

To maximize our contribution to the community, we’ve partnered with two organizations, Trees Charlotte and Trees for the Future. These partners understand the importance of creating a more sustainable future, and together, the collaboration represents our collective mission of helping businesses, large and small, make a positive impact on the environment, all with the simple act of planting a tree.

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