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Compliance Audits and Consulting for Your Industry

Whether you’re preparing for a compliance audit or trying to keep up with constantly changing regulations, staying compliant is an ongoing responsibility. For most businesses, protecting data is easier with industry-specific IT solutions for compliance. Noncompliance results in hefty fees and damages your reputation—and what could be worse than losing both your hard-earned money and your customers’ trust?

Adhering to HIPAA, SOX, PCI, GDPR and other federal and international regulations is easier with a secure IT infrastructure. As a trusted managed IT services provider, Refresh specializes in helping businesses stay compliant by minimizing digital risk. In addition to following best practices, we are a partner of NIST on the NICE (the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education) workforce team. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your customers’ financial information is safe and your patients’ health records are private. We’ll help you prepare for audits with a thorough compliance assessment, and after that, show you how to simplify compliance for good.

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With Compliance Audits and Consulting, You’ll Get:

  • Improved cybersecurity that prevents data breaches and theft
  • An industry-specific compliance plan for shifting regulations
  • Preventative measures to avoid noncompliance fines
  • Preparedness for DoD CMMC Certifications

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