Anticipate the Unknown with Managed Security Services

Your first line of defense for cybersecurity.

Lock Things Down with Managed Security Services

We’ve been keeping businesses secure since 1999 and understand the dynamic landscape of cyberthreats. With Refresh, you’ll get right-sized managed security services that safeguard you from hackers, keeping your information private and adding layers of security against the constant threat of cyber attacks and data breaches.

Unleash Your Potential

Managed Detection and Response.

Neutralize threats with a dedicated team of Security Experts.

  • 24/7 live threat hunting, detection and response team delivered as a service
  • Seek and validate potential threats
  • Analyze information to determine severity of threats
  • Apply business intelligence to validate threats
  • Take action to contain and neutralize threats
  • Root cause analysis and ongoing advice

End User Education

Reduce human error through accessible training from Refresh.

14 million SMBs were affected by a data breach last year. Dark web monitoring finds exposure to criminal chat forums where credentials are sold. Phishing simulations educate employees on how to be the frontline of cyber defense.

managed IT security services

Develop a Long-Game Strategy with Our Network Security Solutions:

Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPSs)
Real-Time Protection
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
Managed Dectection and Response (MDR)
Dark Web Monitoring
Instant Vulnerability Reports

Protect Your Perimeter With Managed Security Services

Dark Web Protection

If you don’t know if your information is on the dark web, it’s time to find out.

Identity & Access Management

Are you doing enough to authenticate the identity of those with remote access?

SOC as a Service

You deserve access to a Security Operations Center that won’t let you down.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Protect your business from cyberthreats and get prepared for the future.

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Let’s Talk Benefits.

  • Threat Detection
  • Log Analysis & Search
  • Network Inspection
  • Managed Containment
  • Endpoint Visibility
  • Incident Response

Get IT Services that Suit Your Needs

Grow Your Business with Custom IT Services from Refresh

Managed IT Services

Let us handle your tech concerns so your team can handle more pressing issues.

IT Consulting Services

Schedule a consultation and let Refresh guide the way.

Cloud Managed Services

Master the art of being a confident, cloud-centric company with Refresh.

Co-Managed IT Services

See what’s possible when you have a team of CIOs working on your behalf.